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Shoper2Shoper - Buy Perfume Vs Mist

Body mists were introduced as fancy gifts given to teenagers on birthdays or any other celebration. In no time, the older lot began to accept it and include it in after shower spray collection.

What is so good about Body Mists?

Body mists are a perfect substitute for perfumes for someone who prefers subtle and elegant fragrances. Body mists have delicate scents that enchant most age groups. From the oceanic smell to coconut and vanilla, from desert to tropical scents. There is a choice for everyone.


Body Mists are lighter in weight and concentration in comparison to traditional perfumes. The downside of body mists is that they are not as lasting as perfumes. But that is completely fine with us; we need an excuse to draw the bottle out of our bags. 

When and Where to apply Body Mists?

Just like perfumes, body mists are applied directly to the skin. You can spray some of it on your clothes, but that depends on the type of fabric you're wearing. Make sure you never spray mist on jewelry or delicate clothing materials like silk. The best time to drag your mist bottle is a few minutes after a shower. Make sure you're spraying it after you dry your body completely.

If you are liking the idea of having body mist on when you are at home, you might want to apply it before jumping in bed also. 

The application of body mists is not limited to your body, you can spray a few times around your home, on your bedding in your bedroom, etc. 

How to make body mist last longer?

1. Hold the bottle not too close and not too far away from the body. (About 3-6 inches)

2. Aim for pulse points like ears, neck, collarbones, wrists, etc.

3. Spray some of the mist on your clothes.

4. Rub some unscented body butter or lotion before spraying.

How to choose which one to buy? 

  • Pick on the type of scent- Before going shopping, decide on what kind of fragrance you are looking for. Or else, I can assure you once you walk into a store, you would get puzzled with the potpourri. Decide whether you wanna pick floral or try something fruity this time. Whether you want to try something fancy like love spell, maple butter, or go completely off track with something like banana nut bread or oakmoss, the choice is all yours. 
  • Try first, buy later- Body mists smell different on different people. This is due to the heat effect of the body. So don't ask your friend to single out one for you.
  • Estimate the cost and value- Do not get bluffed by only looking at the bottle size and/or price. Since body mists are less concentrated and less fragrant as compared to colognes and perfumes, you cannot store it for longer. So before investing in a big bottle, think about how often you use them. 

Some of our best picks:

Bath & body works Rose Vanilla Pillow Mist, 5.3 fl oz / 156 ml -


  • Bath & body works
  • Rose Vanilla Pillow Mist
  • Rose Oil inspires connection & self-confidence
  • Vanilla Absolute calms the mind to encourage relaxation.


Ital Veloce Shooting Stars Fine Fragrance Mist/Body Spray/Body Mist For Women/Girls 210 ml -


  • Inspired by the mystic beauty of the night sky. The floral heart is composed of white flowers, jasmine, and violet.
  • Size: 210 ML
  • Body Mist For Women
  • Product Contain: LIQUID


Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Men's EDT Perfume, 105ml -


  • Top note - apple, bergamot, blackcurrant, pineapple, lemon
  • Middle note - rose, birch, jasmine
  • Base note - musk, ambergris, patchouli, vanilla
  • Available in - 105 ml EDT

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