Delicate & Elegant Henna Designs for girls who choose simplicity above everything.

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Delicate & Elegant Henna Designs for girls who choose simplicity above everything.

Trendy Henna Design for young girls 

Weddings, especially in the Indian subcontinent, are incomplete without henna or mehendi on the hands and feet of the bride and her close ladies. A bride would be dressed in the best attire with all embellishments covering her from top to bottom, but her entire look will not be perfected without henna.

There’s an incomparable craze of henna in India and the middle eastern countries. Females in these countries not only apply henna at weddings but also during religious festivals and other celebrations.

There are various styles of henna designs to choose from. Right from intricate detailed to sober delicate patterns.

Unlike olden days, girls ain’t need any special occasion to color their hands with henna.
We picked up a few delicate designs that are favored by younger females.


1. Indo-Arabic 

This is a standard yet elegant henna design liked by many as it's subtle yet it covers a decent area of the wrist and the back of your hand. It mostly consists of attractive flowers and small accompaniments that add to the whole look.

Indo-Arabic Henna Design


2. Floral Vines

Floral vines consist of a single type of flower or an amalgam of different flowers that runs from the wrist to the finger. Floral vines in henna are mainly made of flowers, leaves, buds and are one of the most common patterns. The flowers in such henna designs are primarily periwinkles, roses, asters, tulips, lotus, etc.

Floral Henna Design




3. Roses

Rose pattern henna is well-liked by the Arabs. It's a stylish and classy pattern. Once you perfect the layering of the rose petals, its application is effortless, so in no time, you have a pretty henna design making your hands look attractive and beautiful.

Roses Henna Design


4. Feathers

This henna pattern is exquisite and easy to apply. Feathers with dot chains make a good combo. Peacock feathers are also incorporated in many traditional henna designs.

Feather Henna Design


5. Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoos are a small patch of floral designs or feathers. It is an excellent temporary substitute for regular tattoos. Henna tattoos are famous amongst teenage girls.


Henna Tattoo


6. Intricate Lattice Work

Intricate Lattice Work Henna Design


This one is my favorite. For this design, you need to be very patient to get the lines perfect. It's trendy and looks very sophisticated.

7. Delicate Leafy Trail

One finger leafy trail henna design

It is a chic-friendly trail of leaves extending across the hand till either of the fingers.

8. Fine Bracelet

Trendy Bracelet Henna Design

Another missy and contemporary pattern that impersonates a dramatic effect of a designer bracelet that covers either the back of the wrist or the whole wrist after the color turns up. 


9. Fingers

Only Fingers Henna Design

Applying henna only on the fingers is the latest trending style. Henna on the fingers may be just around the nails, on the center of the fingers or extended right up the knuckles.

10. Yemeni Flower Twine

Yemenic Arabic Henna

This type of henna combines elaborate flowers with precise shading highlighted by thin lines and abstract twirls giving a bold look to the overall design. Sometimes, Arabic script is included in between the designs to counterpoise the complete impact. 

11. Peacock Feather-like Wrist 

PEACOCK feather henna

This beautiful design has a traditional touch to it which includes peacock feathers motif and classical rings and dots.

12. Corner style finger and wrist band

Beautiful Modern Henna

This spectacular minimalistic henna pattern is absolutely exceptional and it covers only one side of the hand and the wrist. It's best for those ladies when you're expecting continual handshakes with people.

Final Word

You must have made up your mind by now. What is left to do is pick the right henna cone and /or a competent henna artist. 

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