Matrix Opti Sclupt Advanced Shaping Treatment Cream and Neutralizer (125ml) Both

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Product Specifications

  • Brand Name:Matrix


  • Resistant - for thick hair, very curly hair
  • Average time for the service: 3-3.5 hours for shoulder length hair
Product Description :

Opti.Sculpt is the latest in-salon product range that ushers in a new generation of straightening. It is a permanent straightening product which gives a natural “shaped-straight” look with its breakthrough low-odour formula with shine and more movement in hair. The Opti.Sculpt Advanced Shaping Service is enriched with Cera-Sculpt technology that has the following features: Elastin + Collagen help soften the hair, creating a malleable foundation so you can mould hair into its straightest, sleekest state without compromising on movement Ceramides help to nourish and protect hair from dryness and breakage

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