Miss Claire French Nails 24 Tfpn 1002 (S6)(Ecp 07), White, 1 Count

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  • French nails designed for different nail types
  • Quick fix for chipped or broken nails and easy to apply
  • Pack of 24 French nails
  • Use a nail buffer to buff your nails well. This will create a slightly rough surface, making it easier for the fake nails to stick. Wipe off the dust when you're done
  • Lay all the nails out in the order you will be placing them on your nails
  • Select the nails that match your nail bed for a natural fit
  • Use the Miss Claire Nail Glue to stick the nails onto the cuticles. Ensure that the nails are placed on your cuticles and not your skin
  • Miss Claire's French Nails are uniquely designed salon-like nails, designed to match different nail types. These instant fix nails are not just easy to apply, but also allow for a quick French manicure, that look as natural as ever. Now, never let a broken nail derail your mood!

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